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Using the Dont Get Fired mod apk, you will be able to receive an unlimited gold coins. You can improve your skills with the help of these coins, making it possible for you to advance more quickly and put in more effort over the course of your career. After the experience bar has been effectively completed, the President will evaluate the player’s work, and if it is deemed to be satisfactory, the player’s position will be increased. If the player’s role is significant enough, he will be given employees who can be coaxed into performing better; however, doing so will have a negative impact on the player’s health and wellbeing.

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Dont get fired Game Description

Dont get fired Game

Don’t get fired! In this scenario, the player will put himself in the shoes of a job seeker who is making an application to work for a firm located in South Korea. If the player’s application is successful, he will begin working at the firm as an intern and will be expected to work his way up through the ranks, eventually becoming the president of the business. However, this is not a simple task since in South Korea, almost everything might be grounds for dismissal, and there is also the prospect of an instant employment request being made at the beginning.

The game is quite easy to control, and once a player has successfully entered a South Korean corporation, he will be assigned a position as an intern at one of the tables. If any of the other workers in the firm are looking for work, they will get in touch with the players. To complete a job, players need merely touch the object in question, and it will be placed on the table for them instantly. The number of items in the work stack continues to increase. And if it’s too high, gamers won’t be able to get new tasks until the ones they already have are finished.

When the player interacts with his own character, he activates an aura of fire around himself and gains an additional speed boost. However, this will cause some of the player’s health to be consumed. If her health was in poor shape, she would be unable to carry out the task for some time. There will soon be a time for the President of the firm to arrive to his table. At this point, every worker will get to work on the project with all of their zeal so that gamers can shine the aura of fire without taking any damage to their health.

As was just said, the South Korean corporation in question is a cruel one, and player mistakes or acts may result in termination from the team. Starting with screenshots (the boss is objecting to this), working too hard to get away with work, working less, becoming sick, or even trying to abandon a game might result in termination of employment. In this mobile game, one of the challenges is to discover new ways to get fired at your enemies.

Alterations can be made to the employee’s desk arrangement, although the overall look of the workplace may be subject to modification. There are moments when the floor is bright, yet other times it is brown. It is determined by the randomizer that takes effect whenever the player switches occupations.

Don’t get fired! Don’t get fired! Presented with adorable images in pixel format, finished off with some fundamental motion. Each dismissal has its own unique piece of representational art, and it’s not uncommon for the President’s animation to rise up to his desk, putting everyone in his office to work putting out the fire.

Game Description Source: Dont get fired @ Google Play

Dont get fired MOD APK

Dont get fired APK mod generator

✓ Get Unlimited Gold Coins
✓ No need to root, for Android
✓ Need to install the app on same device

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Don’t get fired! Don’t get fired! Appears with adorable images in pixel form, brought to life with some fundamental animation. Each dismissal has its own unique piece of representational art, and it’s not uncommon for the President’s animation to rise up to his desk, putting everyone in his office to work putting out the fire.

Utilize the Dont Get Fired generator to acquire an unlimited money, which will allow you to improve all of your character’s abilities. You have the option of purchasing an improvement in fitness as well as a depth repair in order to keep it operating at its full potential. In addition, you will have the option to purchase promotion chances in order to increase your odds of being promoted.

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