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Digfender Game Description

Digfender Game

Digging holes isn’t the same as it was in the good old days; now days, you may combine it with a treasure hunt. After obtaining the riches, the next step is to defend yourself against the many monsters that inhabit Digfender. The most recent release from Mugshot Games is certain to be extremely addicting in nature.

Despite the fact that there is a preponderant interest in the Asian market, it appears that the emergence of role-playing games (RPGs) developed by Korean developers has not been successful in capturing the interest of mobile gamers worldwide. It is important to acknowledge that the mobile game strategy genre is still doing well in sales on the global market. The fact that Clash of Clans is able to maintain its position at the top of the rankings on both Google Play and the App Store is evidence of this. The popularity of other forms of strategy games is also fairly high. The most popular subgenres of strategy games on the market currently include not just real-time strategy games but also games that focus on tower defense as their primary objective.

The very first time that we reported on it was back in October of last year, and eventually, Digfender became publicly available all around the world. The tower defense strategy game is a new mobile gaming product that has been produced and launched by Mugshot Games. The game is an updated version of a prior product that was available. This one independent gaming studio, which has its headquarters in Australia, is run by two brothers named Steve and Mike Yap. Even if it were only the two of them, they could easily come up with a new and original gaming style. This is not an issue for them.

As I mentioned earlier, Digfender is a modification game; more specifically, it is a modification of the game known as CastleMine, which came before it. Although it retains a format that is familiar to players, the most recent release of the game boasts an improved visual presentation in addition to more engaging in-game material and features. CastleMine itself had already hit 2 million downloads in the previous year, 2014. Will there be the same level of success with this one game?

Digfender originates from the term Dig, which means to dig, and fender, which comes from Defender, which means to protect against something or to defend oneself from something. You might be able to deduce this just from the title alone. It is believed that you own a castle where a lot of valuables are buried very deep down, and your task is to dig as deep as possible and acquire unlimited wealth as you can. However, there is a danger under the surface, and that danger is represented by the monsters that are getting ready to assault the world that lies above it.

After preparing a passage across the terrain by excavating a twisting road, you may construct fortifications all around it. The defense mechanisms that are made available are quite varied. They include cannons that fire round bullets, laser shoots, and electric shock shots that are capable of capturing a large number of monsters. Later on, there are additional upgrading features that may be chosen from among five different types, giving you the ability to tailor your own defensive type.

According to Mugshot Games, the development of Digfender had taken place over the course of more than a year and represented a significant financial commitment for Steve and Mike. Steve Yap stated that one of his goals in the development of Digfender was to offer fun and experience for all players while also delivering a new layer of strategy and intriguing surprises for tower defense veterans.

This absolutely free game offers more than sixty levels, the number of which is expected to grow along with the issuance of sporadic updates, as well as additional game modes, such as Survival mode, which challenges players to beat the greatest scores achieved by other players on the Leaderboards. Even more intriguing is the fact that Digfender does not have any paywalls or a wait timer system. This means that you do not have to wait for hours when updating. Download the game right this second and start exploring the world!

Game Description Source: Digfender @ Google Play

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If you only look at the name, you might be able to deduce that “”one who digs and protects”” is the meaning of the word “”Digfender.””

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