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With Dead Ahead mod apk, you can get unlimited coins, which is helpful in many ways. You can improve your ride, your weapons, and even add new people to your party.

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Dead Ahead Game Description

Dead Ahead Game

What? What if there’s another zombie apocalypse? What exactly do you need to get done? It is sufficient to seize a motorbike and then drive it through the horde of zombies that are eagerly awaiting the opportunity to consume your tasty flesh. Can you move more quickly to dodge them while keeping an eye on the situation on the road to ensure that there won’t be any accidents that end in you being eaten by zombies? That’s Dead Ahead, a zombie-themed game developed for mobile devices by ABE Entertainment.

In the video game Dead Ahead, the zombies are constantly prepared to follow after you. Because of this, the player’s objective is to steer his motorbike across the level while avoiding different hazards along the route, including derelict vehicles, guardrails, and the zombies themselves. Be ready to pick up a variety of power ups along the path in order to more easily overcome zombie obstacles. These power ups will be scattered around the path. But the player isn’t just riding a motorcycle; he also has weaponry at his disposal, which will come in handy for fending off zombies who get too near.

In Dead Ahead, you control the motorbike by moving your finger up or down on the touch screen. This causes the motorcycle to travel up or down in the appropriate direction. There are two buttons, one for the gas, and one for shooting, located at the very bottom of the screen. If the player presses and keeps their finger on the gas button, they will start to speed up and be able to make their way past the horde of zombies.

To eliminate zombies that are approaching the player from behind, the only thing the player needs to do is hit the shooting button. Keep in mind that there is an infinite supply of ammunition, but there is a cap on the number of shots that may be fired before the weapon needs to be reloaded, which takes some time. The unfortunate thing is that players will have trouble touching the gas button while shooting zombies because the buttons are really next to each other, making it very difficult to be able to do both at the same time. This is because of how a smart phone is held, which makes it difficult to reach both buttons at the same time.

The player’s Rank may be increased by completing various objectives that are presented to them during the game. This assignment varies from person to person; for example, some people are required to kill a set number of zombies, while others must complete a predetermined distance on a motorcycle, and yet others must perform jumps. The higher a player’s rating, the greater the number of stages and personalization options that are available to them.

In Dead Ahead, the player has quite a bit of control over the game’s settings and options. There is a wide variety of motorcycles available to choose from, including scooters, dirt bikes, Harley motorcycles, and even something called a Prototype XRB, which is a pretty unique motorbike that is quite similar to the motorcycle that Kaneda rode in the anime series Akira. Even the color of these motors may be changed to suit your preferences. In addition to purchasing motorbikes, players have the option of purchasing a wide variety of fully-equipped weaponry, including shotguns, submachine guns, nail guns, grenade throwers, assault rifles, and so on. All of this may be acquired using in-game currency, which is obtained through playing the game and earning money.

The Dead Ahead website featured cartoon visuals that were both adorable and incredibly cute. But despite its childlike appearance, the animation that plays when the player is stomped on by zombies is visibly covered in blood. Even when the player makes a mistake, it makes the world seem sick, replete with zombies that rush in and devour the player’s meals as soon as they are prepared. The zombies may move slowly, but the presence of a zombie boss that pursues at a breakneck pace was able to provide the impression that the game is quite thrilling.

Dead Ahead is a game that can be played both online and offline, and it is completely free to play. However, if the player is ready to run the game online, he will receive a feature in the shape of a Banner. With this feature, players will be able to demonstrate their skill in the form of a card that can be shared on social media or via messaging apps like Whatsapp. This game does not have a stamina system, which contributes to the fact that it is extremely addicting to play. All that is offered in the way of microtransactions is the ability to purchase coins.

In its most basic form, Dead Ahead may be thought of as a sub-genre of the Endless Runner series of video games. Instead of running, players ride a motorcycle across the game’s levels, which are filled with zombies as obstacles. Because games of this type are consistently thrilling and very addicting, there is no valid excuse for gamers to avoid trying Dead Ahead. The question now is whether you can stay alive for as long as possible while being pursued by zombies who want your tasty flesh.

Game Description Source: Dead Ahead @ Google Play

Dead Ahead MOD APK

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Every nook and cranny of this place is infested with zombies, as well as a plethora of other dangers and concerns.

Increasing the difficulty of your journey in Dead Ahead by using generator is one option. You have the ability to improve a wide variety of aspects and obtain the pre-boost power up, both of which will grant you additional advantages right from the start. Spending coins will also unlock new locations for exploration.

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