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Cut the Rope 2 Game Description

Cut the Rope 2 Game

To this day, Cut the Rope has produced three different versions of the game, all of which are nearly identical to one another. As soon as Cut the Rope 2 was revealed, my initial reaction was one of some skepticism regarding the developers’ plans for maintaining the game’s enjoyable nature, given that it was impossible for them to alter the game’s central mechanics. After completing the game, I am able to declare that although Zeptolab is not a hundred percent successful, it is still capable of making me play it all the way through and recommending it to you.

The gameplay of Cut the Rope 2 is still the same as it was in the first game; your goal is to get a sweet into Om-mouth. nom’s The om-nom has a tendency to remain still during the initial cut of the rope, so the on-nom will have to make a bit more of an effort than usual this time to acquire his favorite sweet. You could, for instance, combine om-noms and sugar in such a way that they meet in the centre of the screen, therefore completing the level.

You will go through five different worlds throughout the course of the game, and in each realm, you will meet om-nom buddies that possess unique skills. Because of the significant influence that this om-nom friend’s unique skill has on the gameplay, I will need to go through each of its aspects in turn. You will be led around the first world by a lick who, if you touch him, will protrude his tongue at you. This tongue has the potential to become a new platform that may be used for a number of purposes, such as transporting candies or holding om-nom.

You will make the acquaintance of Blue in the second world. The feature that sets blue apart from the other colors is that once you tap it, a second blue will appear just on top of the original blue. You have an endless ability to tap, and each time you do so, a little tower will appear, containing a pile of blue that may be used to reach higher platforms or other locations that are out of your price range.

You will also encounter Rofo, who has the ability to pick things up, Toss, who has the ability to fling objects, including om-nom, into the air, and Boo, who has the ability to scare om-nom into jumping in the desired direction depending on where Boo is coming from.

In contrast to the vast majority of other games, in which the talent plays nothing more than an auxiliary role, the skill of each player’s buddy is utilized to its fullest extent in this game, which contributes to the formation of an enjoyable gameplay. Unfortunately, the usage of om-nom friends is currently fragmented, but I can anticipate that Zeptop Lab will release an update in which you will be able to play simultaneously with 3-5 om-nom friends on one level in the future.

As is customary, you can instantly give sweets to Om-nom without consuming any of the already-acquired stars. You may still use this approach to play the next level in the same world, but if you want to change the world, you will be charged a set amount of stars, which will need you to go back to the previous world and try to obtain a star that is already there. You will also sometimes come across a leaf that is situated in a location that is described as difficult to reach; nevertheless, if you are successful in reaching this leaf, you will be able to trade it in for a new level, bringing the total number of levels to 20.

I say impossible because getting most of them requires the usage of power-ups. I’m not referring to power-ups that belong to a specific Om-nom pal; rather, I’m referring to power-ups that may be purchased from an IAP store. This power up can be obtained in the form of sweets, balloons, or even the solutions to puzzles. Although these three power ups have the potential to be of tremendous assistance to you, they come at such a high cost that it seems almost counterintuitive to get them. There has no impact, but it is really humorous if used by the Om-Nom, and you may purchase garments and hats to dress Om-Nom in addition to the IAP.

Overall, Cut the Rope 2 is a game that is deserving of being named a sequel; but, I can see that the gameplay has started to get stale, and Zeptop Lab will need to make significant efforts to innovate if they choose to publish Cut the Rope 3 in the future.

Cut the Rope 2 maintains the same visual aesthetic as its predecessor, although with a bit more attention to detail, particularly in the backdrop. However, other than that, Cut the Rope 2 is still a game that utilizes the same visual style as its predecessor. This does not feel like a negative development, especially when one considers that Cut the Rope’s visual style is one of the finest in the Puzzle genre.

As I mentioned before, the pricing of the in-app purchases for Cut the Rope 2 is quite high and is likely only designed for the most dedicated or desperate Cut the Rope gamers. For instance, answer keys to the six questions that may be found for free on YouTube are being sold. However, the golden crown that may be worn to Om-nom for more flair is currently up for sale. Do you want to add some excitement to the om-nom sweets? You mean more like chocolate sweets, right?

It doesn’t matter if you’ve played the previous games in the series or not; Cut the Rope 2 is an essential purchase for every video game fan. But one thing is for certain: in order to enjoy Cut the Rope 2, you need to have a knack for brain-teasing riddles. This is the game’s defining characteristic. If, just on the basis of Cut the Rope 2’s adorable visuals, you go into the game with the assumption that it would be a light-hearted puzzler on par with Angry Birds, then you will be sorely disappointed and should instead seek into other options. You have been given fair warning.

Game Description Source: Cut the Rope 2 @ Google Play

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Overall, Cut the Rope 2 is a game that deserves to be referred to as a sequel. However, I can see that the gameplay has begun to get stale, which means that Zeptop Lab needs to do everything it can to innovate before it can publish Cut the Rope 3.

But of course, none of those issues occurred again after I started using Cut the Rope 2 Cheats, so that’s where the solution lies. Because of Unlimited Money’s assistance, I was able to acquire a variety of power-ups without experiencing any further challenges. I also have an easy time opening up special levels.

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