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Creature Quest Game Description

Creature Quest Game

Creature Quest, a mobile game that is now undergoing a soft launch in Australia and many other countries, was the medium via which Jon Van Caneghem, the man responsible for creating the Might and Magic series, reemerged as a public figure after an extended period of silence. Creature Quest is not a spin-off of the Might and Magic series; rather, it is an entirely new intellectual property that was developed by Caneghem in collaboration with the creators of VC Mobile Entertainment.

A game that mixes aspects of role-playing with card-based gameplay is called Creature Quest. As you go through the game’s various tasks and dungeons, you will have the opportunity to acquire a wide range of heroes and monsters, of which there are said to be at least five hundred different sorts.

The core gaming technique takes me back to Puzzle & Dragons, however there aren’t any match-3 puzzles involved this time. You are able to pit a group of your heroes against various enemies and take control of dungeons that are represented via the use of straightforward animations and visual effects.

In addition to completing missions and completing dungeons, Creature Quest also features a multiplayer mode that enables players to compete against one another and compete with hero collections. This mode also allows players to compete with one another over hero collections. In Player vs Player mode, players may compete against one another, and players can even create their own dungeons for other players to explore and conquer.

There is currently no information available on when VC Mobile Entertainment intends to distribute Creature Quest in countries all around the world. The game is now only accessible for iOS, however this does not exclude the development of an Android version at some point in the future.

Game Description Source: Creature Quest @ Google Play

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In addition to completing quests and dominating dungeons, Creature Quest also has a multiplayer mode in which users may engage in head-to-head battles and play with their hero collections. Players can access this mode by connecting to a friend’s account. Players will engage in player-versus-player combat and construct their own own dungeons for other players to explore and conquer.

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