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Crash Fever Game Description

Crash Fever Game

There is yet another role-playing video game produced in Japan that is deserving of your time. The Land of the Rising Sun has developed an online gaming application called Crash Fever. This game is also a game with social cooperation, which means that players can meet digitally within the game to finish a mission together. At this time, the Crash Fever program may be downloaded on mobile devices running either Android or iOS.

The rules of this game are simple to follow. To put it more simply, in order to acquire bits or points, all you have to do is eliminate clusters of balls or puzzles that have the same color and are in close proximity to one another. The thing is, in order to make the game more thrilling, the function of each player or the rules of the game have been made more complex.

After examining various components of the opening presentation, it is finally time to get down to business and begin playing this Crash Fever game. Tap the middle of the game’s user interface page, and a pop-up window will open. That is the only thing you need to do at this point.

The following pop-up will then display, inviting you to study fundamental combat tutorials at your leisure. In this section, you will have the opportunity to get an understanding of the game’s rules while also learning the abilities necessary to operate the game. You only have three chances to beat each attack, so you should pick the ball chain or puzzle with the longest link to break in order to maximize the number of points or values you receive. Very straightforward, isn’t it?

The menu at the bottom, which serves as the primary menu, including the following items:

Home, often known as the main page, is the page that contains the game’s start panel. The job may be broken down into a few different submenus, including Normal Tasks, Event Tasks, Locked Tasks, and Class Tasks (Coming soon). Unit is a term that really refers to the monster or the main character in this game. In this context, the phrase is used interchangeably. It has a variety of submenus that are the arrangements of units that the user owns. Some examples of these submenus are Shapes, Strengthen Units, and Awaken Units, amongst others. The shop includes numerous different drop-down choices, including ones for Buying Polygons, Restoring Energy, Expanding Folders, and Buying Extra Friend Rations. The menu item known as Laying allows incubation units to be traded in for a certain amount of polygons.

Friends is a menu that allows you to set up your friendship with other players. Some of the options on this menu include Friends List, Accept Friends, Waiting Requests, View / Enter Invitation Code, ID Search to find friends based on their ID, and Community Chat to talk with friends in the Community.

The information that is provided by a rank is that which relates to the position of the present level or rating. The total number of bits, points, and polygons that have been amassed via participation in a variety of games. Energy, which is data on energy that has been compiled from a large number of different matches.

You may raise the total amount of bits and polygons by selecting the Mission option from the main menu, which will display a list of available tasks for you to complete. The Task menu at the bottom of the screen has the same tasks, views, and functionalities as this menu. You can connect with other players who are participating in this game by selecting the Join Space menu option. The News tab’s presentation and functionality are identical to those of the News menu that appears at the top of the game page when it is initially opened. Prizes is a menu that allows you to show any presents that you have received, whether they were awarded to you by the game itself or by your friends.

Create a group out of the different units that you already have at your disposal. You have the option of selecting the Unit inside the Unit section, then after that, the Shape Flock. Simply choose the desired measurement system from the drop-down menu that appears after clicking the Change Unit button.

Conduct an activity with the group that you have formed. Before you begin the assignment, you have the opportunity to invite one additional person to work with you on the project. If you want your team to be successful in completing the mission, you should choose buddies whose units have the highest scores.

You have the ability to initiate combat. You are going to be transported to an arena, and your objective, together with that of your squad, is to eliminate all of your adversary’s lives by attacking the ammo you obtain by destroying the colored balls at the base of the screen.

You are only permitted to knock a total of three times in a single step in order to eliminate unlimited balls as possible and add to your ammo supply. Pick the longest chain of balls possible so that your ammo can strike a greater number of adversaries.

You will alternatively assault your opponent using three troops that are part of your squad as well as one unit that is provided by your allies. You will receive a score that can improve your Rank, the number of bits and polygons you have, as well as the amount of energy you have if your team is successful in defeating an opponent. You also have the opportunity to get a bonus in the shape of additional Units, which can enhance the combat capabilities of your existing Units.

A helpful hint is to continually enhance your Units’ capabilities by using the Strengthen Units ability. This ability allows you to boost the level of your selected Unit by increasing the level of other Units and merging their strengths with your chosen Unit’s strengths. You are only allowed to gather a total of 50 units. In the event that you acquire additional troops, you should simply combine the ones you already have in order to raise their level and improve their capabilities.

Include games that need storage space on your mobile device. If you want to keep playing this game, you need make sure that your smartphone has a lot of storage space available.

Despite this, the game Crash Fever is a highly thrilling game that you should play in your spare time since it will help pass the time quickly. Be wary, though, since once you give it a shot, there is a good chance that you will get hooked to it.

Game Description Source: Crash Fever @ Google Play

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This is a simple game to pick up and play. To put it another way, you can only destroy balls or puzzles of the same hue, and you have to be somewhat close to them in order to score bits or points. This is simply the case; in order to make the game more “”complex,”” the role of the player or the rules of the game have been altered.

Crash Fever generator polygon give you a significant advantage when it comes to developing your character. If you use this cheat, you will be able to complete many levels.

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