Crab War MOD APK Unlimited Pearls

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Use the Crab War mod apk to get unlimited pearls. Here, you can do “”instant kills”” and make the most of the game’s bonuses that help you make gold.

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Crab War Game Description

Crab War Game

In the RPG clicker known as Crab War, players are tasked with taking control of a highly skilled crab squad in order to launch offensive attacks on other aquatic creatures that lie in the darkest recesses of the ocean below. Simply touching the screen will send crab warriors to the battlefield where they will fight. If you click more quickly, you will be able to assault a greater number of crab troops.

Of Crab War, as is typical for games in this genre, you begin the game with only one sort of unit, but as the game goes on, you will earn a substantial number of additional units. If you are successful in defeating your foes, you will be rewarded with their gold coins. You can then use these monies to purchase upgrades that will improve the amount of damage that your crabs deal to your adversaries. As you go through the game, you will be able to uncover more crabs. These new crabs will make your army stronger since there are a total of 80 crab attackers that can be recruited into the army.

The queen crab is by a significant by the most important kind in the crab squad. If you manage to boost the queen’s capabilities, she will transform into your most reliable ally. You don’t need to tap the screen to activate its ability to attack automatically; it will go off on its own. You have the ability to construct thirty queens who will serve as military leaders during the conflict.

It’s possible that Crab War’s click-based role-playing game doesn’t have any really groundbreaking gameplay elements, but at the very least, it’s still entertaining and its visuals are satisfactory.

Game Description Source: Crab War @ Google Play

Crab War MOD APK

Crab War APK mod generator

✓ Get Unlimited Pearls
✓ No need to root, for Android
✓ Need to install the app on same device

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Crab War is an addicting RPG clicker that is entertaining to play and has great visuals, despite the fact that the game’s mechanics are not very groundbreaking.

Crab War generator enable you to acquire an unlimited money (pearls). Make use of these so that you can advance further in the game and obtain many boosts.

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