You can get unlimited rubies on Bricks Breaker Quest mod apk. Ruby can do a lot of things, like buy balls of different sizes, like 20mm, 24mm, or 28mm. One more thing Ruby can do is give you a booster that can help you beat each level of the game. For example, Lightning (which looks like lightning) can lower every number in the block.

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Bricks Breaker Quest Game Description

Bricks Breaker Quest Game

Bricks Breaker Quest is, in fact, a game in the Bricks Breaker franchise; nevertheless, the fact that it is a Bricks Breaker game does not imply that it is identical to the original Bricks Breaker game in every way. Because Bricks Breaker Quest is not an arcade-style game but rather a turn-based strategy game, there is no such thing as game over in the event that the ball rolls off the edge of a cliff in this game. Unique, right?

The gameplay of Bricks Breaker Quest is similar to that of bubble shooter games, in which players can target their ball shoots towards a collection of bricks located on the playing surface. The participants in this version of brick breaker shoot with 60 balls at simultaneously, rather than just one ball like in other versions of the game. The direction slider is located at the bottom of the screen, and players may simply touch the area of the screen where they want the balls to be shot. Alternatively, players can utilise the direction slider.

After being shot, the balls will hit the sidewall or the top of the screen, and then they will fall straight to the bottom of the game without bouncing again. In the Bricks Breaker Quest, that counts as one turn.

Each time a ball is deflected off of a brick, the number contained within the brick will decrease by one count. In order for players to be able to demolish bricks that are placed on the playing field, the number that is contained within the bricks must be reduced all the way down to zero. As each participant has their turn to shoot the balls, the playing area will decrease by one level. Players need to be able to demolish all of the bricks that are currently on the playing field in order to advance to the next level. This must be done before the bricks reach the lowest possible position.

Players have access to two different types of power ups that they may employ over the course of the game to make it more exciting. The first of them is the Lightning power up, which may be utilised to decrease the total amount of numbers that are displayed on the screen. The second is the ball multiplier, which can be used to increase the number of balls already possessed by the player by a factor of two. It’s a thrilling experience to see hundreds of balls glide around the playing area in Bricks Breaker Quest and bouncing off each other.

Bricks Breaker Quest is a game that, despite its apparent ease, has a very futuristic appearance. It gives the impression that the game is alive thanks to the neon-lit lines that decorate it and the particles that represent the disintegration of the bricks. In addition to that, players have some degree of personalization available to them in the form of ball shape option. There is a star-shaped one, there is a ball-shaped one, and so on; the balls also come in a variety of diameters, allowing for easy entry of the ball or the destruction of bricks, depending on the design.

Additional game modes, such as the Classic infinite mode, the multiplayer mode, and the tough 100 Balls mode, are available to players in addition to the primary Bricks Breaker Quest mode, which features thousands of levels to finish. Players may also enjoy other game modes, such as these.

Bricks Breaker Quest is a fun game that can be played offline, and it’s completely free to play. The absence of a stamina system, in addition to the fact that this game is played without an online connection, enables players to engage in gameplay whenever they like. The purchase of Ruby, which can be used to buy ball modifications as well as power ups, is made possible through the use of microtransactions, of course.

In conclusion, Bricks Breaker Quest is a new take on the classic bricks breaker game that offers a refreshingly different experience each time you play it. When playing this game, players are certain to lose track of the passage of time and are always faced with the task of progressing to the next level. Who would have imagined that a game based on breaking bricks would be so addicting? Try your hand at Bricks Breaker Quest right this minute!

Game Description Source: Bricks Breaker Quest @ Google Play

Bricks Breaker Quest MOD APK

Bricks Breaker Quest APK mod generator

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When balls are launched, they will ricochet off of the sidewalls or the top of the screen before falling to the bottom of the screen. In the video game Bricks Breaker Quest, one of the game turns has already been played.

Use the Bricks Breaker Quest generator to your advantage and make unlimited amounts of money. Another booster that can be purchased with rubies is called Ball. When the player presses the button associated with this booster, they will receive three times the normal ball, which will cause the balls in play to increase.

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