Block Hexa Puzzle MOD APK Unlimited Hints

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Block Hexa Puzzle mod apk gives you unlimited hints. This will make it easy for you to get the most out of the level.

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Block Hexa Puzzle Game Description

Block Hexa Puzzle Game

Block Puzzle! The Hexa Puzzle Game is a very entertaining game. A sequence of geometric pieces are arranged on a board that is otherwise empty in order to fill in rows and columns, make the rows and columns disappear, and accumulate unlimited points as possible. Give this game a go, and you could just discover your new favorite game!

Instructions for the Block Puzzle Game! The Hexa Puzzle Game is really easy to play and even has some Tetris-like elements. Each game begins with a board that is initially empty; however, this space can be utilized by cleverly stacking a large number of pieces. If you are successful in completing a row or column, it will vanish, award points, and open up space that may be used to place other pieces.

Block Puzzle is not like Tetris in that every piece must be used. The pieces in Hexa Puzzle Game are not coming down from the top of the display. Instead, each of the parts will appear in groups of three. After you have placed one of the pieces, another will emerge, and so on, until the available area has been completely used. Although you are unable to alter the forms of the pieces or rotate them, you are free to arrange them in whatever configuration you choose.

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Block Hexa Puzzle MOD APK

Block Hexa Puzzle APK mod generator

✓ Get Unlimited Hints
✓ No need to root, for Android
✓ Need to install the app on same device

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In contrast to the game of Tetris, there are no missing pieces in this Block Puzzle. Even if the Hexa Puzzle Game is beginning to plummet, there is no way that it is dropping from the very top of the screen. Due to the fact that the two statues are situated at opposite sides of the base, they only appear in groups of three rather than two at a time. In the video game Tetris, as you position one piece in its slot, another piece will drop down from above it, and this process will continue until every available space has been filled. It is not possible to rotate or rotate the puzzle pieces in any direction, but you are free to rearrange them into whatever configuration you please.

Using the block hexa puzzle generator will provide you with many hints. Block Puzzle! In addition, the Hexa Puzzle Game provides players with a choice between two distinct game modes. In the first mode, the game pieces are squares, and the shape of the board is also square. In the second mode, however, everything is hexagonal.

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