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Battle Bay Game Description

Battle Bay Game

As one of the leading makers of mobile games, Rovio does not want to fall behind in the competition for dominance in the field of online multiplayer games. After the player against player (PvP) gameplay of Vainglory and Clash Royale proved to be highly popular, the developer of Angry Birds recently conducted a soft launch for a new game called Battle Bay. This game, like its predecessors, had online multiplayer elements that took place in real time.

The notion of player against player combat, or PvP, is introduced in Battle Bay and is comparable to those of online shooter games available on mobile platforms like Afterpulse. The primary distinction between the two games is that While Afterpulse encourages players to take on the role of combatants, Battle Bay will put you in charge of the ship that participates on the battlefield.

The existence of the waves that continued to smash into the battlefield made the ship’s firing action in Battle Bay rather difficult to carry out successfully due to the fact that the waves continued to crash against it. Depending on the dexterity with which you steer your ship through water that goes up and down, the dynamics of the water can either give brief cover from the attacks of opposing ships or expose the ship you control to become an easy target.

As was just said, Battle Bay is a multiplayer online battle arena game that takes place in real time. To be more specific, this is a five-on-five game. Therefore, the player will engage in combat as a member of a group. The team is made up of five players chosen at random (2 people in one guild can fleet together).

Different vessels are available for selection by each participant. There are five different classes available to choose from: Shooter, Speeder, Enforcer, and Defender. In addition, there are many distinct categories under which weapons can be placed, as well as a wide variety of weapon kinds. Each one is able to be levelled up, customised with benefits, and so on. We have the option of selecting the one that is most suited to the manner of play.

Your level of infamy is taken into consideration in matchmaking fights, which are used to choose your allies and foes. Infamy is earned by a combination of winning and losing points, which typically results in an increase or decrease of around 23-25 points.

The infamy and matching system in this game have come under intense scrutiny and criticism. There are quite a few people who believe that each fight in this game is not properly balanced. Even if you read a review on the Play Store, there are some who would tell you that the fights in this game are predetermined.

The controls for the Battle Bay video game may be roughly broken down into two categories. Manage the movement of the ship as well as the cannons. Both make use of a joystick-like controller that is shown virtually on the screen. In addition, there are two buttons located on the right side of the screen that may be used to select the active weapons.

After you have played the game a few times, you will have a sense of how to properly handle it. In addition to this, one must be conscious of the effects that the ship category and class have on the speed and manoeuvrability of the ship (MK).

However, there are a few problems that are really frustrating to deal with. There are occasions when the joystick aboard the ship enjoys not being responsive. Sometimes, when you are controlling the movement of the ship, the location of the joystick will reset to the centre, and the direction in which the camera will look will change (camera view).

Therefore, even with controls on firearms. Sometimes also unresponsive. The attack does not take place when you move the joystick in order to aim and then release it in order to shoot. Therefore, you will need to repeat it again. This is passing up a chance at something really desirable.

The joystick of the ship has an effect on the joystick of the weapon, which is kind of amusing. Quite frequently, I will tap the joystick on the weapon to fire after first turning the ship’s joystick to return the position of the weapon. In addition, I would ask that you try rotating the weapon to the left while simultaneously turning the ship to the right. The problem is that you aren’t playing.

I feel it’s important to point you right off the bat that the Battle Bay game is played in real time and via the internet. If the player’s internet connection is poor, the game may likely become uncontrollable. I had encountered a problem with my connection. The location of the ship is erratic, incorrect photos are being taken, etc.

Second, playing this game is enough to get my phone to a comfortable temperature. As a direct result of this, there is a significant decrease in the battery. Of course, in addition to having solid graphics and action, this also occurs as a direct result of the online procedure (internet connection).

Third, I believe that the game’s matching system frequently creates an imbalanced playing field. Both in terms of the ship level, which is denoted by the letter MK, and the sort of ships that were involved in the conflict. I am not aware of the frequency with which there were teams consisting of two fixers when there were no other teams present. That is not an issue at all, provided both that you want to be objective and that you are capable of doing so.

The conflict that takes place in Battle Bay is fought using a five-on-five format. 5. When confronting an opposing fleet in a harbour, you will be required to join one of the strongholds. The winning squad will be the one that gets rid of all of the opposing ships first.

The vessel that you are in control of has access to a wide variety of different kinds of weaponry. You have the option of arming your spacecraft with everything from guns to rocket launchers and torpedoes. In addition, you have the opportunity to recruit crew members, who, depending on the type of crew that is recruited, will boost the capability of particular ships.

You will be given the choice to improve armaments and acquire a number of other sorts of ships, each of which has its own set of features that set it apart from the others. This freemium game is not too dissimilar from others of its kind. Collecting and trading a certain quantity of coins gained at the conclusion of each combat is required in order to progress through the upgrade system in Battle Bay. In-App Purchases (IAP) can also be redeemed for coins immediately.

Game Description Source: Battle Bay @ Google Play

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The vessel that you command can have a variety of various types of armaments installed on it. You have the option of outfitting your spacecraft with rocket launchers, guns, and torpedoes. In addition, you have the opportunity to recruit crew members who, depending on the composition of the crew hired, will boost the capabilities of the ships.

Battle Bay generator enable you to obtain an unlimited money in a roundabout way. You can acquire them by making use of the pearls that you obtained from the cheat. Even if you aren’t the player who wins the most matches, you can still earn new ships.

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