Ball Blast MOD APK Unlimited Diamonds Unlock Extra Cannon

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The Ball Blast mod APK provides you with unlimited diamonds and unlocks additional cannons for use in the game. The purpose of the diamond is to release the lock on the cannon. Cannon offers a wide selection of models, each of which can be customised with a particular combination of diamonds. In addition, diamonds can be used to purchase additional lives, which allows players to advance to the next level more quickly.

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Ball Blast Game Description

Ball Blast Game

The arcade game known as Ball Blast requires players to fire bombs through a cannon in order to break apart enormous chunks of stone into smaller pieces of currency.

The control scheme in Ball Blast is really straightforward: to move the cannon back and forth while it continually launches bombs, you simply need to slide your finger over the screen. You need also take care to avoid having rocks fall on you, as this will result in your death and the conclusion of the game.

The larger the stone that we are required to aim at, the greater the number of divisions that will need to be made before we reach the last coin, but the greater the number of coins that will need to be dropped. The goal of this game is to avoid being destroyed while dodging and eliminating enemies by keeping a balance that enables us to move around the screen without being harmed. The collected coins may be put toward the purchase of additional cannons and explosives, which will allow us to perform at a higher level. You can acquire diamonds for free by watching an advertisement, or you may buy them with real money if you choose.

Game Description Source: Ball Blast @ Google Play

Ball Blast MOD APK

Ball Blast APK mod generator

✓ Get Unlimited Diamonds, Unlock Extra Cannon
✓ No need to root, for Android
✓ Need to install the app on same device

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You also need to be careful not to dump any rocks on oneself, as doing so will result in your character’s death after the game is over.

Players are able to have a good time without having to worry about any complications when participating in Ball Blast, a game that is straightforward but also highly entertaining and addictive. You can get an unlimited money by using the Ball Blast Cheats. By progressing through higher levels, you will open up many more opportunities for yourself.

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