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Bacterial Takeover Game Description

Bacterial Takeover Game

Welcome, doc! Your arrival has been eagerly anticipated at this location. You don’t need to worry about anything because everything has been taken care of, and you can go right to work growing unlimited germs as you can. The ultimate objective is to wipe out all forms of life throughout the cosmos! All of this and more is possible in the game Bacterial Takeover, which was developed by SIA Fufla.

What exactly does Bacterial Takeover mean? It has come to our attention that this game is a variation on the classic idle clicker game. The objective of the video game Bacterial Takeover is for the player to amass such a massive population of bacteria that they are able to eradicate all forms of life on a given planet. After being successful in wiping out all life on one planet, the player moves on to the next planet, which may include Mercury, Mars, or even Earth.

In spite of the fact that this is a clicker game, in which players are expected to complete unlimited clicks as they possibly can, the primary focus of Bacterial Takeover is on the generation of bacteria that are sitting inactive. This can be noticed by the many different types of upgrades that may be acquired, since they all place an emphasis on the generation of bacteria every second, but there is only a smattering of upgrades that focus on the creation of bacteria each click. The upgrade to clicking is not available until much later in the game and takes place in a separate menu from the standard upgrade.

The player’s ability to generate bacteria is increased by a factor of two, serving both as a measure of the player’s progress and as a measure of the amount of cash required for further advancement. It is possible to destroy a planet if the player’s collection of germs exceeds a specific threshold, and doing so also serves the purpose of a reset button, just as in other clicker games.

The adviser will provide an assessment as to whether or not the player possesses a sufficient amount of germs to bring about the destruction of a planet. If it is not enough, he will estimate how much longer it will be before it is enough, and when it is enough, he will tell you that it is time to push the Attack button and destroy the planet. When players destroy a planet, they will receive minerals and then proceed to the next planet, where they will begin from the beginning once more.

The manifestation of this bacterial takeover is a rather straightforward process. The only thing that will be visible on the screen are green creatures that represent bacteria, and players can touch the screen to speed up the breeding process. However, even if a player has developed the technology to a high point, touching the screen is typically pointless because the addition is very insignificant. But the player also has to pay attention to the screen, since if there are any red bacteria that move across it, those bacteria need to be touched in order for the player to receive an exciting bonus of some kind, which may be a certain number of bacteria or an incredible multiplication.

Bacterial Takeover is offered in a similar manner to other idle clicker games in that it is free to play. This game has obnoxious advertising features, but players have the option to disable them by either purchasing No Ads from the in-game microtransaction menu or just playing the game offline, as the game does not require Internet connectivity to be played. In the microtransaction menu, in addition to turning off advertisements, a premium currency is also sold in the form of diamonds that can be used to speed up the game. However, it is recommended that diamonds that are obtained for free be used to purchase permanent objects such as Increased BPS because this is the best use of diamonds. In addition to purchasing diamonds with real-world currency, players may also earn them by achieving certain in-game milestones and goals, such as tapping the screen a thousand times or obliterating the planet with a single blow, amongst other things.

This Bacterial Takeover does not truly introduce any new gameplay elements or mechanics into the mix in any way. There is still the same combination of clicking and idling that is found in other clicker games. If, on the other hand, you have always dreamed of being a Malevolent Genius who plans to wipe out all life in the universe with biological weapons, then this is the clicker game that you should play.

Game Description Source: Bacterial Takeover @ Google Play

Bacterial Takeover MOD APK

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The term “”bacterial takeover”” refers to a process in which bacteria alter whole environments, which ultimately leads to a reduction in the number of species present. It has come to our attention that this game is a version of an idle clicker game. In Bacterial Takeover, the player’s objective is to increase the number of bacteria on a planet to such an extent that they completely eradicate all forms of life on the world. Once all of the life on the first planet has been eradicated, the player will continue their journey to the following two worlds, Mercury and Mars, before finally arriving on Earth.

You can use the diamonds or gems that you obtained from this cheat engine to purchase new bacteria through the Bacterial Takeover Cheats. These new bacteria will increase your BPS. You can get further along in the story if you choose to.

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