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Backgammon Live Game Description

Backgammon Live Game

Backgammon Live is a somewhat thrilling version of the classic board game. Because you’ll be competing against other genuine individuals here. In the beginning of the game, you will play in the Royal Palace. After that, you will play in Athens and the other locations.

A couple, two dice, and a specific backgammon board that has a dam are all that are required to play the game of backgammon. The board used for backgammon is split in half horizontally, with each half featuring a side that is a mirror replica of the other. Each of the sides has 12 triangles that are referred to as number points, ranging from 1 to 24.

Game Description Source: Backgammon Live @ Google Play

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This game is adequate to satisfy the need to relieve the itch to engage in backgammon in actual life.

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