Art of Conquest MOD APK Unlimited Linari Unlock Tier 15

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Before, I told you to look for Art of Conquest mod apk to get an unlimited Linari and to unlock Tier 15. You can trade Unlimited Linari for Unlimited Resources like Unlimited Lumber, Unlimited Elixir, and Unlimited Gold if you already have Unlimited Linari.

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Art of Conquest Game Description

Art of Conquest Game

When you start a new game of Art of Conquest, one of the first things you’ll do is select a Hero to help your kingdom. There are three different characters available to select from in this game, and each one has a unique set of skills. In addition, each character possesses the ability / talent to make certain troops more powerful.

Because this character does not require energy to spend skills and is highly recommended for killing the boss talent to strengthen the arrows, my recommendation is that you pick the Avalon. In addition to the fact that searching for resources becomes easier, there are even more advantages to picking this character.

You will get the same heroes as Avalon in the middle of the Art of Conquest game, but you will have different skills and support different heroes as well. Now, for the point hero found on the road, do not focus on one hero balanced with another hero, so be impartial and your troops will be equally powerful. Because each hero is in charge of two separate armies, it is possible to field two separate armies using only one hero.

Archer for opponents who use spears, spearman for opponents who use cavalry, cavalry for opponents who use infantry, infantry for archers, and so on.

In the beginning of the game, you should make sure that the items runes for stamina enhancers are where they should be. You should also utilise the reincarnation of your hero if he or she has died as soon as possible. Because if your hero’s stamina runs out, you will need to wait a few hours until it is fully restored, or you will need to improve your hero’s level in order to restore his full stamina.

To begin the process of upgrading the fortress, prioritise the main building, which is the castle, as well as the front wall and the barracks for the troops. Additionally, ensure that the capacity of the troops is increased so that additional soldiers can be added.

Game Description Source: Art of Conquest @ Google Play

Art of Conquest MOD APK

Art of Conquest APK mod generator

✓ Get Unlimited Linari, Unlock Tier 15
✓ No need to root, for Android
✓ Need to install the app on same device

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Focus your attention on the main building, the castle, the castle troops, and the front wall, as well as the capacity of the soldiers to add additional forces, so that you may get started on renovating the stronghold.

Because of how difficult the game’s monetary system is, the true solution is to make use of the Art of Conquest generator. This is the only money to ensure success. Gold and wood are the EARLIEST sources in search that are considered to be the most important. If at all possible, you should prioritise searching unlimited as possible because there will be a focus on upgrading in the beginning. However, you should not leave any Diamonds, Mithril, or Crystals behind because these things cannot be manufactured but can be acquired by searching the map and destroying the bull that the other player has. On the other hand, if you use generator from the beginning of the game and have an unlimited money, all of that hassle will be for nothing.

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