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Age of Strategy Game Description

Age of Strategy Game

Age of Strategy is a strategy video game that is played using a turn-based system, and it gives players the opportunity to refight some of the most famous battles in human history, as well as take part in fictitious battles that occur in random geographic areas.

Because the battles in Age of Strategy are fought turn-by-turn, the first thing you have to do is move your units (either in groups or one at a time), and then the computer will do its turn. When you face off against other players, the order of the first moves that are played is decided by chance, and that order will be maintained throughout the game. Players have the option of working together to defeat the AI or competing against one another.

There are at least 60 pre-set maps in Age of Strategy, each of which is based on a different historical conflict. In addition, there are 20 maps that are generated at random each time you play.

Once you’ve entered the battleground, you’ll have access to all of the different kinds of forces, including soldiers, ships, archers, knights, witches, and so on. The turn-based strategy game Age of Strategy is one of the best ever created. The game’s strong suit is that it is able to make up for its flaws, and despite the fact that the visuals are a little bit old, this is a significant positive.

Game Description Source: Age of Strategy @ Google Play

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An amazing strategy game with a concentration on turn-based gameplay is Age of Strategy. The most important aspect of the game is that it is capable of making up for its flaws, despite the fact that the graphics are a touch dated.

The Age of Strategy generator allow players to acquire unlimited diamonds, which can then be used to purchase upgrades. There are a lot of significant choices regarding upgrades that you have to make before the game can reach its full potential.

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